Established by eight Université PSL’s institutions (Chimie ParisTech, École normale supérieure, ESPCI Paris, Institut Curie, MINES ParisTech, Paris-Dauphine, Observatoire de Paris, ENSAD) that rank among France’s top institutions for scientific research and engineering, the Institute of  Technology and Innovation (PSL-ITI) offers selective, multidisciplinary training for students at the post-master’s (or pre-doctoral) level or as part of a dual curriculum during doctoral study.


The purpose of this research-based program is to train a new generation of exceptionally high-level engineers, researchers, PhDs and entrepreneurs who are open to multidisciplinary study, innovation and entrepreneurship.


Main assets


A true springboard for a career as a researcher or entrepreneur, PSL-ITI offers a wealth of opportunities: students may go on to obtain a PhD, establish a technological startup, join an R&D facility as a researcher, etc. Upon completing the course of study, students are awarded a PSL diploma (post-master).

Who should apply?

PSL-ITI is seeking applicants who are curious, inventive and entrepreneurial. Each year’s class includes a host of talented participants with a wide range of backgrounds, academic paths and career plans.
PSL-ITI is unmatched as a scientific environment for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, offering talented students an opportunity to express themselves and forge a solid career path that is consistent with their aspirations. The program may be undertaken at various stages of a student’s academic path:

  • During the year prior to beginning a doctoral program or during a preparatory year for an entrepreneurial project in technology, immediately upon completing a Master’s degree.
  • The program is also open to doctoral students in the hard sciences who wish to acquire new scientific skills and receive instruction in innovation and entrepreneurship, in one of three ways:
    • while completing their dissertation, by taking coursework over the course of three years;
    • at the start of their dissertation, with additional coursework taken during the dissertation period;
    • or during a gap year.
  • Post-doctoral students or experienced professionals may also enroll in the program.

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