The PSL Doctoral College

PSL’s Doctoral College, which opened in September 2015, coordinates and implements PSL’s doctoral policy. It covers 30 doctoral schools that are accredited or co-accredited under PSL, plus two doctoral programs (SACRe and ITI). It serves as a platform for sharing experiences, distributing best practice, and promoting doctoral candidates at ComUE (Université PSL).

Responsibilities of the Doctoral College

The Doctoral College is responsible for three main priorities:

  1. Overseeing PSL’s doctoral policy by coordinating between the various doctoral schools, while respecting the principle of subsidiarity. The doctoral schools themselves are responsible for the quality of education they provide and for supervising doctoral candidates, as well as the scientific excellence of dissertation work. The Doctoral College is in charge of best practices, harmonizing procedures, offering professional training, and running joint programs between the schools such as:
  • Tracking indicators and statistics,
  • Offering recommendations on the awarding of doctoral contracts and assignments,
  • Promoting, publicizing, and enhancing the attractiveness of PSL PhDs,
  • Serving as a liaison with other PSL services (HR, legal, Curriculum Council, Research, Valorisation, etc.), external partners (other entities and universities in Ile-de-France), and PSL institutions to provide administrative support to the strategic priorities (coordinating the doctoral policy).
  1. Supporting the PSL dissertation service (managing enrollment for some of the university’s institutions) by implementing an academic management platform for PSL doctoral candidates.
  2. Rolling out a service platform: cross-disciplinary course modules, specific PSL modules, communication and promotion, career advancement.

The Doctoral College Council

The Doctoral College is run collaboratively by the Doctoral College Council, under the leadership of its director Régine Molins, who was appointed to a three-year term on September 24, 2015.

The Doctoral College Council is made up of:

Voting members (for each doctoral school accredited or jointly accredited by PSL):

  • the director, when s/he is assigned to a unit in which one of the Cotutelles (sponsors of a joint doctorate program) is a non-EPST member of PSL
  • the co-director or PSL representative, when the director is not assigned to a unit in which one of the Cotutelles is a non-EPST member of PSL
  • the directors of PSL’s doctoral programs (SACRe, ITI)

Advisory members:

  • the director of the Doctoral College
  • the directors of doctoral schools accredited by PSL, when the director is not assigned to a unit in which one of the Cotutelles is a non-EPST member of PSL
  • the deans of curriculum, research, and valorisation from the PSL FCS
  • the president of the PSL Academic Council
  • a representative of each PSL member institution
  • guests: representatives of associated institutions and entities

Direction and Management of the Doctoral College

Régine Molins
Director of the Doctoral College Council


Mailing address:

Université PSL
Collège Doctoral
247 rue Saint-Jacques – 75005 – Paris