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Raising awareness on History, Epistemology and Ethics of science – 2017

This training course, led by the Institut Curie and the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS), combining philosophical reflection, historical studies and discussions on the ethical issues of scientific knowledge, has become indispensable to all those who will work tomorrow in research or, more generally, in all the professions related to it. It will enable them not only to improve their research approach but also to develop a civic conscience on these issues, and to be better prepared for dialogue with the Society.

To help your choice among the numerous lectures of this training course, we propose an access to all the modules of the two sessions (2016/2017 and 2017/2018), sorted by topics: ethics, epistemology, art and science and history of science.

Thematic presentation

You can also browse modules per session.

2017/2018 session

Raising awareness on History, Epistemology and Ethics of science

Online since 07/20/2018
Duration: 5 modules approx. 75 min.
Language: English

2016/2017 session

Raising awareness on History, Epistemology and Ethics of science

Online since 10/11/2017
Duration: 8 modules approx. 90 min.
Language: English

MOOC “Ethics of Research”

Designed by the University of Lyon, and available on the FUN platform.

Start date: September 6, 2018

Modalities : the candidates must register directly on the FUN platform (dead-line October 10, 2018). They will receive a certificate of follow-up from FUN at the end of their training, if they answered the quizzes.


  • 5 hours of videos, in French, subtitled in English, transcribed in French and in English
  • Spread over 6 weeks, week 1 being the introduction
  • Per week: 1 module and 7-8 videos (some mandatory, others optional), quiz at the end of each video
  • Estimated working time: 2 to 3 hours / week, weeks 2 to 6

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MOOC “Scientific integrity in the research professions”

Developed by the University of Bordeaux and available on the FUN platform, this training aims to spread a culture of scientific integrity within institutions. This training aims:

  • to inform you about the issues of scientific integrity,
  • to alert you to the mechanisms that can lead to failures,
  • to inspire you to develop a sense of responsibility and to behave in a way that ensures scientific integrity.

This MOOC is open continuously from 7 November 2018. You can set your own pace of work and will have access to all the educational content and fun and collaborative activities.

MOOC available in French and English.

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