ENA (National School of Administration) is currently recruiting its students through three examinations:

  • an examination reserved for students with at least a Bachelor’s degree;
  • an examination reserved for public officials with more than four years of service;
  • an examination reserved for persons with professional, associative, union or elective experience, of more than eight years.

From 2019, ENA opens, on a trial basis for five years, a fourth examination reserved for persons with a PhD degree (within the meaning of Article L.612-7 of the Education Code) with the aim of diversifying the profile of its students and welcoming people who have already recognized their excellence in scientific disciplines.

This examination will include three specialties:

  • material and engineering sciences;
  • life sciences;
  • Humanities and Social Sciences.

It will include an eligibility test (note on file) and two admission tests (interview with the jury and test of English on a topic of European and international news).

Find more information on Espace presse of the ENA’s website, and with the Arrêté du 31 octobre 2018 laying down the rules of general organization, the nature, the duration, the coefficients and the test program of the special ENA external entry examination reserved for PhDs.